Are You Ready for Success Coaching?

  1. Do you feel as if you’ve reached a plateau in your business or personal goals?
  2. Do you feel as if you have it “mostly together” but are missing some crucial details?
  3. Do you lack confidence about a new business opportunity or about taking your business to the next level?
  4. Are you willing to accept advice and feedback and to change how you do things—even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone?
  5. Does your “toolbox” of creative ideas and approaches need some new tools?
  6. Do you often wish you had a trusted advisor to “bounce ideas around”?
  7. Can you accept constructive suggestions even if it means rethinking your approach?
  8. Are you planning a major change in your business or life and want someone to help you strategize and examine options?
  9. Are you looking for a fresh perspective from an objective but supportive advisor?
  10. Do you feel like there’s “something missing” about your approach to your business goals, but you can”t put your finger on what it is?
  11. If you’ve answered “yes” to the majority of these questions, success coaching may be right for you.

What Success Coaching Is:

  • Supportive, objective, creative input from an experienced business coach.
    A sounding board for ideas, change and opportunities.
  • A way to get a new perspective, receive objective feedback and have a personal business cheerleader in your corner.
  • A way to practice new skills and approaches in a confidential, supportive relationship.
  • A place to brainstorm, dream and create your vision—and the action plan to make those dreams come true.

What Success Coaching Is Not:

  • A new best friend. It’s better-someone who is paid to tell you the truth and help you adjust your strategy to succeed.
  • Your mother. A success coach doesn’t nag, badger or pull a guilt trip. Whether or not you succeed depends on your own effort and commitment.
  • A judge. You pick the areas for improvement, and you gauge the degree of success you achieve. Everyone has weaknesses. Few work hard to overcome them.
  • A “yes-man.” A success coach will challenge, probe and push back in positive ways to encourage you to think harder, break out of your rut and move past your comfort zone in order to create new possibilities.
  • A miracle-worker. Success comes through hard work. Success coaching isn’t a short cut-it’s more of a GPS system to help you figure out the best route to reach your goals. Whether or not you succeed is up to you.

If you’re ready to tackle new opportunities and exciting changes with the help of a knowledgeable, professional and supportive guide, you’re probably ready to consider success coaching. Coaching can be open-ended (focused on collaborating throughout a process to make a big change) or can be laser-focused with just one or two sessions to work on a specific technique or situation. Invest in your future and put success coaching to work for you.

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