Marketing Results

My clients are phenomenal at their jobs. However, many of them do not take the time to market themselves or their business. Some even shy away from opportunities that take them out of their comfort zone, such as networking and public speaking – both of which are important ways to market yourself and your expertise.

One of my clients was a very talented interior designer who was not confident with her public speaking skills. Prior to a presentation, she came to me for help. We discussed her presentation goals, the audience demographics, and their expectations, and then concentrated on the benefits and value she had to offer the group. Once her speech was written and the slides for her presentation were complete, the client presented to me several times until she was comfortable with the material. I highlighted her strengths and provided suggestions for improvement, and also asked questions so she could practice responding.

I had the pleasure of attending the presentation to support my client and to participate in networking with her afterwards. The presentation was well attended, providing her with the opportunity to meet potential clients. She went home with over a dozen leads and contacts. Not bad for a days’ work! Helping to prepare for formal presentations is just one way I help my clients market themselves.

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