Coaching Techniques

Brainstorming is perfect for anyone who wants to regain creative momentum. I usually compare brainstorming to the theater… you get to “try on” new jobs and images. Brainstorming allows you to imagine, reinvent, or expand in new directions using skills you already have. Completely fun and open, brainstorming is a no risk way to open up your possibilities.

Mirroring is a technique that is beneficial to help recognize and break out of limiting patterns. Mirroring will help you realize the power of your words, which can help you reach or cause a delay in your success. Mirroring provides the opportunity to see how you’re perceived by others. This new awareness will help change your way of thinking and communicating.

Role Playing takes brainstorming a step further and lets you try out different scenarios. It’s important to understand how the other person feels when you are interacting with them. Whether you’re a sales person role playing with a “customer” or practicing for an interview or presentation, role playing increases your comfort and confidence. It’s also an important part of preparation.

Laser Coaching is a faster way to coach, which allows us to tackle an immediate situation or focus on a simple area needing improvement. We can tackle the problem in bite-size pieces and make positive changes one step at a time, generally in 1 to 2 hours.

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