Coaching Results

I have worked with clients who are going through job transition, which can really take a toll on a persons’ confidence. Throughout our coaching sessions, I strive to provide positive and realistic input based on my observations. One client, in particular, had been laid off and was on the hunt for a new job. As part of our coaching sessions, I reviewed his resume with the goal of uncovering what he enjoyed and disliked, and also what he felt his strengths were. This skills assessment encouraged the client to give himself full credit for past achievements and successes, which we incorporated into his newly revamped resume.

We worked together to prioritize the action steps as he moved forward, including researching potential jobs, professional development, and networking opportunities. One of my favorite parts of the coaching process was role-playing for interviews, where the client and I took turns playing the interviewer and the interviewee. Role-playing is fun, as it lets you try out various scenarios and increases your comfort and confidence. This client ended up finding his dream job, which he never would have had the confidence to pursue had he not sought out success coaching. These strategies are effective for anyone going through a job transition, whether they’ve been downsized or have simply grown tired of their job.

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