Business Consulting Results

Sometimes it takes an objective “outsider” to help strengthen your business.  I can assess your business, providing a competitive evaluation and making recommendations to enhance your strengths.  Having relied on word-of-mouth referrals for over 10 years, an established interior design firm approached me about updating their professional image.  We worked together to review their vision and clarify the image they wanted to portray.  I provided them with a visual update of the current marketplace, providing samples of other designers’ websites and business collateral. 

We worked with a professional graphic designer to create a new logo, which was incorporated into their business cards, stationary package, and website.  The new site was fresh and current, complete with an online portfolio.  After updating their client and contacts list, a postcard was sent to all existing and potential clients, business associates, and magazine editors welcoming them to the new website.  I submitted some of their projects to industry publications with the goal of having the firm’s work published.  Since then, the firm has been featured in Architectural Digest and other high end publications.  Their website is a great avenue through which to share their media success.  In addition, business has increased and their outlook and energy have changed in a positive way.

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