Faith’s Book “Opening Doors”

Reinvent Yourself and Realize Your (Business) Potential

Are you facing a closed door?

Many times it seems as if you are making good progress in your professional life when all of a sudden you face a closed- or even locked-door.

But a door is just a door. Doors that are closed can also open. A closed door may be a signal to revise your strategy, to make sure that what you think you want is truly your heart’s desire, or to pause and rest before renewing your efforts. It can be many things, but it is not an ending.

As you journey through this book, I hope you’ll find ideas to reawaken your spark, to refresh your enthusiasm and to renew your passion to help you move forward with greater confidence in making your dreams a reality.

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Page Excerpts

A rich life requires knowing when to open doors and when to close them, when to risk being outside, and when to revel in belonging inside.

While it’s comforting to hold onto what’s safe, sometimes the only way to accept the new opportunities life has for us is to unclench our fist and open our palm.

Confidence grows with proof of competence–that’s called empowerment.

No preparation is every wasted. Often, in the process of preparing for one opportunity, others appear.

Making a successful pitch or presentation begins long before you set foot in the prospect’s office.

Whether you realize it or not, you are continually coaching yourself.

Acknowledging successes–even small, incremental ones–helps you gain confidence.

Practice celebrating your achievements, large and small, and feel the power of confidence empower you to continue succeeding.

A web site is living; it is constantly being viewed and can change with your needs. So let the world see through your eyes.

In today’s on-line marketplace, you don’t have the option to be offline.

Don’t be afraid to say your dreams out loud.

Open yourself to new possibilities by making a conscious commitment to being optimistic and positive.

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Faith Monson's Book Opening Doors

Praise and Testimonials

“There are two types of people: those who open doors for others and those who close them. Faith Monson is a door opener extraordinaire. Her brilliant ideas on personal reinvention and realizing your business potential in Opening Doors will keep the doors wide open for success in your life. Faith nails the mindset you need to achieve your goals and be who you were meant to be. She shows you that you have more power than you realize and how to open the door on that reality. Empowering, inspirational and a fun read It’s the kind of book you want to keep on your night stand and keep re-reading for the rest of your life.”

Catherine Kaputa
Personal Brand Strategist, Speaker, Workshop Leader and Author

“Self-motivation is a gift but flawed in its lack of objectivity. A guide is a necessary because of emotional detachment and the ability to form, implement and monitor a successful result. Faith Monson’s e-book guides, teaches the importance of goals, and sensible methods to realize the immediate and future results. The writing is concise, intelligent and sensible. The message is easy to understand and the need for a guide is made clear. The plan for success is in her book. Most motivational guides prey upon emotions and hysteria. Faith’s plans involve common sense, planning and working the plan. Read the e-book and call Faith. Motivation and success is all about the plan and the guide.”

M.E. “Bud” Yeck
ASID Interior Designer Owner of The Mill Company

“I read your E-book and found it extremely helpful, hopeful and just the right tone to connect people to your energizing spirit. It really got me thinking and helped me put my own life, issues, concerns, dreams, confusions in perspective.”

Jennifer Sell
Interior Designer and Owner, J S Designs For Interiors, McLean, VA

Faith Monson’s “Opening Doors” was a reminder to me that there are many components to “personal and business success” and that the two are inextricably intertwined, difficult to have one without the other. As the sales manager of thirteen experienced, ambitious and competitive showroom managers, “Opening Doors” provided me with several thought-provoking quotes relevant to our business climate today. I immediately sent an email entitled “Passion + Energy = Success or Survival.” All of the quotes emphasized exactly what Faith was messaging. Highlights for me were, “The magic of brainstorming,” “laser coaching” and “making the most of online presence.” All significant to me both personally and professionally.”

Doug Hartsell
National Showroom Sales Manager, Duralee Fabrics & Fine Furniture

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