Personal Philosophy

Empowering yourself to be successful requires an attitude of success. You need to infuse your life and your business with an outlook that attracts and creates the success you want.

1. Think big. Use your talents. Challenge yourself.
2. Be willing to take risks. Don’t let fear or anxiety stop you from trying new things or developing new skills. Anything that stretches your limits is going to make you uncomfortable.
3. Promote yourself. It shows self-confidence and reassures people that you are confident.
4. Don’t expect yourself to have all the answers. Tap into other people and alliances to complement your strengths.
5. Motivate yourself in your own way. For example, hang quotes on your walls that inspire you.
6. Be enthusiastic and energetic about your work and goals.
7. Take time to present yourself well. You are a walking advertisement for your career or business.
8. Do your homework. You will never be embarrassed by being over prepared.
9. Get input. Ask your customers, friends, strangers what they wish was available to them in your area of business.
10. Be your own cheerleader. Cheer loudly for others and surround yourself with positive, successful people.
11. Stay focused on your goals, but be flexible so you can adapt positively to change.
12. Be bold. Be confident. Pursue your goals. “Shoot for the Moon”!

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