Invest in Yourself – Create a Portfolio in Advance for Your Next Job Hunt!

Keep Your Portfolio in Tip-Top Shape

Have you ever been laid off, felt stuck, or burned out in your job?  Maybe you’ve gone as far as you can in the company and you’ve hit a dead end. If so, you’ll want a new job fast. But, most people don’t keep their resumes up to date, and they don’t have their portfolio together. Without it, it’s impossible to pursue a new job. If you prepare a portfolio in advance, you can hit the ground running and chase those new job opportunities.

Your Portfolio’s Packing List

Collect everything that is appropriate or informational about yourself and your career. Be sure to look over and edit your presentations as you put them together. Creating your portfolio is a fun process. You get to collect information about and review your successful career. As you put together your portfolio, imagine sharing the information at an important presentation. You’ll want to include visual content to highlight and enhance your portfolio. You also need to create portfolio formats that are ready to send via e-mail, and to present or mail in a hard copy. If you have not created a personal e-mail, Gmail is the established professional’s e-mail address.

10 Packing List Items for Your Portfolio

You should include the following in your portfolio:
• Current resume and a professional bio.
• Personal achievements or accomplishments in list form. You should also include personal success stories, examples of mentoring people, finding new sources of income or new clients.
• Copies of letters of commendation and promotion.
• Recognition, awards, and testimonials.
• A list of talking points for job interviews.
• Have something visual in your portfolio. For example, a photo of a project or event you completed.
• Personal business cards – not the ones from your current or former company.
• Three good references.
• Copy of your LinkedIn profile/Facebook/Twitter/Blog.
• Current photo, preferably a head shot.

You Get Another Benefit from Your Portfolio

You need to periodically refresh yourself on what is in your portfolio, as well as keep it current and in peak condition.  You should always prepare yourself for something to happen to your job, so you will be ready if and when it does. This preparation will make you comfortable talking about yourself.  You’ll feel more confidence after taking a good look at your career and how you got where you are. Your portfolio also helps when you are having struggles at work. You can revisit your successes, which will help ignite your self-confidence. Your portfolio will provide evidence and reminders of your career achievements. It represents you at your very best, and is ready to use at your next big opportunity.

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