Champion Yourself to Success!

In my experience, both as a success coach and as a sale professional in Corporate America, too many people sit back and wait for someone else to be their champion, missing important opportunities.

You can learn to be your own best champion, and in the process, learn to create your own luck by following these four steps.

Step #1: Know your own worth.  Give yourself regular pep talks reminding yourself of major accomplishments, positive outcomes and clever ways you’ve handled challenging situations.  Internalizing a realistic and positive sense of self-worth will strengthen your feelings of personal power and enable you to stand up for yourself when necessary and use that power when the situation calls for it.

Step #2: Avoid emotional responses to workplace drama.  Sooner or later, you will be questioned, disparaged or misunderstood.  The person who seems to be working against you may be truly nasty, or might just be clueless.  Observe, listen and collect information until you have a clear idea of the situation and your options.  Review your findings and ideas with your coach or a trusted friend (outside the organization).  Create a plan of action and work your plan, steering clear of angry rants or snide remarks.

Step #3: Create your own information pipeline.  Many people are frustrated in the workplace because necessary questions aren’t being answered or company promises haven’t been kept.  Even worse, it’s not uncommon to have a vague (or non-existent) job description and a boss who isn’t around when you need input.  Empower yourself to be able to do a great job despite these obstacles by creating your own network of knowledgeable people inside and outside the company who can help you understand the culture, the industry, the players and the politics so you can function effectively.

Step #4: Be prepared to act on your own behalf.  When something goes wrong or doesn’t happen as promised, you can’t always count on your boss or the Human Resources people to straighten it out for you.  Be a squeaky wheel and don’t sink into despair.  Create a plan of what you would like to see happen, and present your plan, making sure to spell out why it’s in the best interests of your boss/company to do so.  Have a back-up plan in mind so that if the company says “no” and the situation is intolerable, you know what your next moves will be.

Champion yourself for your best career outcomes, and see how “good luck” seems to magically appear!

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