Speak Softly and Carry a Big Wand

Magic wands should be standard issue.

As a child I imagined waving my wand for a magic carpet to fly around the world on, picking up friends, giving a lift to interesting animals and munching on lavish, delicious deserts as we flew. (This may be where I developed my love of room service.)

I liked the idea of righting wrongs and making the world a better place, like a benevolent dictator. When I grew up and entered the working world, I knew immediately that a magic wand should be standard issue like a computer — along with an unending supply of gold stars.

Why? Because many things in the corporate world beat people down, but very few things lift them up.  That’s the power of a “magic” wand.

People make mistakes and stew over their errors instead of moving ahead with the next act. Nice people sometimes finish last, despite their hard work. The workplace is full of worried and angry people, people who lack confidence, and difficult clients.  All of these people need a lift.

That’s where my “magic” wands came in.  In my corporate days, I collected suitable wand-like items that would fit the bill.  I still have my favorite two wands.  Some of my wands were whimsical and sparkling while others were more dignified and reserved.  I could always slip them into a desk drawer to avoid long explanations to visitors to my office. (Even though creative people sometimes get a little more leeway for eccentricities.)

Did I really think that a bolt of Harry Potter-esque lightning would flare from my wand?  No.  Instead, my wands did something more powerful.  They helped people refocus, rethink, and reinvent.

Here’s how it works.  Think of your wand as a way to focus and concentrate your sincere wishes and goodwill.  Take it seriously—this only works if you get into the spirit of the action.  When you wave your wand over the head of your “wandee”, imagine that you are clearing away all the black clouds, disappointments, negativities and failures, leaving clear, fresh air and possibility instead.

Make eye contact with your “wandee.”  Smile gently, but keep your presence serious.  Say something that reflects your genuine belief in the other person and your sincere expectation for their success, laughing may occur which binds the process.

So the next time you see a colleague or friend in a funk, give a magic wand a try.  You might be surprised at the outcome!

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