Silent Seller

We all know the importance of making a good first impression. In today’s society, chances are that a potential client or business partner is likely to receive that first impression long before meeting you in person.  The information people find about you online is as much a part of your business and personal marketing as your resume or brochure. 

Think of your online presence as a “silent seller” that can make or break a sale, a job interview, a college application, or a speaking invitation.  If you don’t make a good online first impression, you many never get the chance to dazzle them in person with your personality, emotional connection, and personal strengths.

What would a prospective client, recruiter or business partner find if they began searching for you online?  Is your website presence a “silent seller” or “deal killer”?  What’s even worse than an unprofessional online presence is no presence at all.  In today’s marketplace, being online is not an option, it’s essential.    

Try this test – research yourself and answer the following questions:

  • Did you find yourself? 
  • Were you easy to find? 
  • Is the information accurate and up-to-date? 
  • Did the information reflect positively on you as a professional? 
  • Is your contact information readily available?
  • Are you using social media effectively?
  • How do you compare to your competitors?

Do this exercise every few months and make changes to your online information as necessary.  It’s essential for you to actively manage your online reputation.  For a complete “Silent Seller Checklist” and other suggestions for enhancing your online presence, click here.

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