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Are you managing your professional reputation online?  Whether you’re looking for new clients, a promotion or hunting for a new job, it’s essential that you take the lead in creating a winning online first impression.  Clients, employers, and headhunters want to find you online. Today, having a polished, professional and intentionally managed online presence is an expected part of a professional resume.  Here’s a checklist of what your online presence should include:

  •  Up-to-date bio that is consistent across the board.  
  • A complete LinkedIn page, with photo, bio, resume, and recommendations.
  •  A Facebook page to engage in conversations, stay connected with casual business acquaintances and showcase your experience in a laid-back way.  
  • While a presence on some sites are non-negotiable in today’s business world, sites like and are nice extras.
  • Joining and puts you in touch with a global market of prospects. 

Most of the above-mentioned sites are free, and the others charge a minimal fee.  Consider it money well spent for the ability to network on a global scale and to keep in close touch with your business connections. 

My friend and colleague Gail Martin, author of 30 Days to Social Media Success, recommends that you create a mini business plan for your online efforts to help you stay on track.  She also suggests planning thirty minutes into your daily schedule to build and maintain your social media and online presence.

Managing your online presence and taking control of your cyber reputation is your responsibility, but it also creates fantastic new opportunities to build and strengthen your professional connections.  Click here to read the full article.

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