Celebrate Your Success!


As a business coach, I talk with many, many professionals and business owners who never take the time to acknowledge their own successes. Many rush from goal to goal without the smallest self-celebration even when they overcome amazing obstacles.

I encourage my clients to celebrate all the mini-goals and milestones along the way, as well as doing a victory lap or end zone dance when they win their ultimate trophy. These mini-goals and milestones might be things like redesigning a web site (or getting the first one launched), revising a newsletter layout, giving a speech, or making it through a list of cold calls.

While we have Bosses’ Day, Secretaries’ Day, Mother’s Day and days to acknowledge the importance of other people, there is no National “I Did a Great Job” Day. What’s stopping you from declaring your own micro-holiday? Treat yourself to a nice lunch. Buy yourself flowers. Make a good cup of tea and take fifteen minutes away from the computer to savor your success.

Why is it so important to celebrate the little things? There are many reasons, including gaining confidence and creating a more balanced self-perspective. Practice celebrating your achievements, large and small, and feel the power of confidence empower you to continue succeeding.

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