Why Designers Need Websites


We live in a visual world, which is why websites have become so important for businesses. In fact, experts predict that companies without a web presence will be at a disadvantage, since customers in all industries now expect an online site as part of doing business. You might wonder why an interior designer would need a website. Here are five reasons why an online presence is well worth your time:

  • World-wide exposure
  • Qualified, 24/7 referrals
  • Credibility
  • Competitive advantage
  • Self-expression and creativity

Today it’s surprisingly affordable to build a great website and it’s easy to update your information. Websites are constantly being viewed and can change with your needs. Share your creativity and design-driven thoughts with the world!

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Read the full article by clicking here. This article was published in DESIGNLINE, the ASID Washington Metro magazine in Summer 2009.

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