Drive the “Brandmobile” to Promote Your Business

Have you ever seen a Bookmobile? Bookmobiles are mobile libraries that take books to neighborhoods that don’t have a library, to promote the idea of reading and make it a possibility for people who lack access to books. It gets them excited, and makes reading a real celebration. It brings the hoopla, excitement and razzle dazzle to their front door.

The genius is that the libraries aren’t waiting for people to come to them and bemoaning the lack of users. They go where the people’s need is greatest and give them access to resources they might not have realized they needed.

Did you ever realize that you can do the same thing when it comes to promoting your company and brand? Think of it as the “Brandmobile.”

Lots of professionals work very hard to get into magazines with interviews or articles. Then they sit back and wait for business to happen. But what if some of your best prospects didn’t happen to pick up the magazine that featured you this week? They might need your services and be ready to buy, but they didn’t see your article. What would happen if you took the article to them?

That’s where the Brandmobile concept comes in….through your social media and newsletters. Don’t trust to fate that your prospects and clients will read every magazine or blog and see your article. Tweet the article link to your Twitter followers. Mention the recent interview in your online newsletter, with a link to the interview or article. Blog about it, and include a link. Not only are you helping to assure that your prospects and clients actually see your article/interview, but you’re doing a courtesy to the publication that featured you by sending them traffic.

Empower yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. You’ve got a real accomplishment to herald in your article/interview. Use it to promote your brand by driving your Brandmobile all over the Internet and social media and bring the excitement to your prospects’ computer screen. Best of all, this kind of promotion is free!

If you have a press page on your web site (and you should), add the links to your new articles/interviews to that page with a short (two sentence) recap and the name/date of the publication. Send the link to your Facebook friends and LinkedIn Connections. Use the article/interview as a reason to continue talking about the topic on your blog, going into detail that you didn’t have room for in the original magazine. In other words, drive the Bookmobile where you want it to go to make sure people who need access to you and your amazing knowledge find you in easy reach.

Not only might this create new business for you by nudging prospects or clients to action, but editors constantly search the web for new contributors and consumers use Google to find professionals. Posting links to your articles makes it easier for people to find you, which leads to more opportunities and more income.

Don’t be shy about passing along the wisdom in your articles and interviews. Realize that you have what people need to solve a problem. If you don’t share your knowledge and provide ways for people to find you, their problem might never be solved. Let everyone know what you do and what problems you solve. Solving a problem is a noble effort. Be noble.

Where will you drive your Brandmobile today?

Faith Monson is a Success Consultant who works with entrepreneurs, designers, retailers and sales-driven organizations. She makes people and businesses better by daring them to be great and helping them to reach their full potential. Visit or contact her directly at 703-237-2077 or

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