What’s Your Definition of Success?

  • Being a recognized expert in a particular field
  • Being the top sales person in your organization
  • Making a long awaited career change
  • Finding personal happiness and a sense of self

No matter your definition, I can help you achieve the success you want and deserve. My job is to make you and your business better by helping you realize your potential. Using a number of proven and effective coaching tactics, we will concentrate on specific, targeted goals to develop a results-oriented plan for success. We’ll work as a team and, while your definition of success may change over time, I’ll be there to help guide you through to your ultimate goal. Let’s work together to create new possibilities!

What can I do today?

Faith’s Newest Articles

Managing Difficult Employees: 5 Tips to Improve a Toxic Workplace

Difficult employees come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of difficulty. They range from mildly annoying to vindictive, with some employees chronically showing up for work ten minutes late, and others actively working to have you fired. Workplace... Continue reading >

Playing the Network Piñata? 6 Successful Steps For Better Leads

Many people network like they are playing a Piñata game. They are swinging around seeking the right connections to win big business or career prizes. They may not literally have a blindfold over their eyes. Yet their lack of preparation has the same... Continue reading >

Invest in Yourself – Create a Portfolio in Advance for Your Next Job Hunt!

Keep Your Portfolio in Tip-Top Shape Have you ever been laid off, felt stuck, or burned out in your job?  Maybe you’ve gone as far as you can in the company and you’ve hit a dead end. If so, you’ll want a new job fast. But, most pe... Continue reading >

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Latest News

Telecomm Exec Makes Successful Career Switch

For over 20 years, Jeanne Kelly made her mark on the corporate telecommunications industry as a high-powered executive. Jeanne was at the helm for big corporate projects, managing teams and handling multiple installations, all the while helping keep ... Continue reading >

“Creating Possibilities” e-Book is Now Available – Free Download!

Stop waiting for opportunity to knock! “Creating Possibilities,” my new e-Book, is all about taking charge of your future by making your own luck, opening doors to new adventures in your professional life and giving yourself permission to invent ... Continue reading >

Artist Terry Roth Rocks the House at 4410

Alexandria artist Terry Roth presented a unique live painting performance at 4410, Contemporary Music’s new downstairs venue.  Roth treated the audience to a chance to watch an artist create a new canvas live, accompanied by the music of Joe Satri... Continue reading >

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