Quotes are the New ‘Wheaties’

Do you recall the childhood commercials that exhorted us to ‘eat our Wheaties’ cereal in order to grow up big and strong like the athlete holding the box on TV?

Don’t you wish you could pop a ‘good-day vitamin’ or eat a magical breakfast cereal that would assure a productive, satisfying and pleasant workday?

Often, the reality is quite different when the alarm sounds on Monday morning. As adults, most of us have some idea what kinds of things we will be facing in our upcoming work week.  And because we know what awaits us at the office, when that alarm does go off, we will want to stay in bed.

Oh, there are the taken-for-granted things, the hot shower, getting dressed and eating breakfast, even if ‘breakfast’ is a rushed muffin washed down with coffee as we go out the door. When we get to work, we know that we will be interacting with our coworkers, clients, bosses, or employees in a host of potentially challenging situations—and often, we feel more dread than anticipation.

Deadlines, meetings—some planned and some, ominously–unexpected. Questions loom. Who’s going to be in what mood? Will your new project/idea be approved? Will your client be happy with your work?

We also know the way we feel about the day will effect our work. If we go to work with a positive attitude, we have the best chance of having a productive, successful day. If we are feeling negative when we first get up, we know we need to tweak our attitude with a, pep talk and promise ourselves treats.

That’s why I recommend inspirational quotes. To me, they’re multivitamins for the soul. Quotes are a source of strength and wisdom when you’re feeling low. They’re a pick-me-up when you’ don’t think you have the strength to go on. They’re the clarity you need when all seems foggy and your goals seem distant. And they are the affirmation to applaud your success when no one else appears to notice.

Here’s how to use quotes to maximize your energy and make yourself as productive and positive as you can be.

  1. Memorize your favorite quotes so you can draw on them when needed to power you up, power you through or smooth you over. If you memorize several quote that are important to you, will never be without them and their powerful instant boost.
  2. Wear quotes, engraved into necklaces, rings and bracelets. If you’re not into jewelry, have your favorite quote engraved onto a paperweight, or pay an artist to do a calligraphy of your quotes to frame. Just knowing that your go-to quotes are always with you has a strengthening power. Your mantra is always there and you can touch it to remind yourself to stay strong.
  3. Keep your favorite quotes on laminated cards in your wallet and pull them out when needed to replenish your strength.
  4. Put quotes on the dashboard of your car to have them in view while you are driving or sitting in traffic. They can help you adjust your mood, prepare for your next meeting with a positive attitude, cope with traffic, or digest a previous encounter from an inner place of wisdom and serenity.
  5. Have quotes on your desk, under the glass top, or framed, on your wall. This keeps them handy for inspiration and motivation, and a quick glance will help you feel better about the world.
  6. Share your quotes with others to help them through bad days and rough places. Hearing your favorite quotes spoken out loud also aids in memorizing them.
  7. Go to a private place and say your favorite quotes out loud or silently to yourself before an important meeting or after a major incident. It really helps!
  8. Say or think your favorite quotes first thing in the morning and last thing at night to secure your positive frame of mind.
  9. When you’re in the middle of a tight spot, recite a useful or supportive quote to yourself. It’ll pick you up, it will strengthen you.
  10. Collect quotes like any collector the hunt is exciting and if you find a new one its feels great.
  11. Write you favorite quotes down in a journal and keep adding to it. Keep the journal by your bed or carry it with you on trips so it’s always handy when you need a quick pick-me-up.
  12. Put a quote on a carved stone, amulet and carry it in your pocket where you can touch it and know it’s there. When you need courage or are feeling down, use your touchstone to remind yourself that you can do anything and that everything will be OK.

When you have your quotes, you’ve got a crowd of well-wishers cheering you on, lifting you up and validating you. Try it and see the difference a quote can make!

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