Put in a Good Word For Yourself

Normally, when we talk about putting in a “good word” for someone, we mean a personal recommendation.

So how do you put in a good word for yourself?  Perhaps not in the way you’re thinking, as in a recommendation.  Rather, I’ve put “good words” to use for years by compiling quotations that inspire me, help me overcome negativity or energize me.

Think about the people who inspire you towards your goals. They can be people who are living or dead, from any time period in history, famous or not. Based on what you’ve learned about their lives, words and legacies, and knowing what they struggled with and overcame collect their words of wisdom. When you face a challenge or a problem read these words of advice and let the quotes embolden and inspire you.

I have found quotations that gave me extra energy, inspiration or the courage to go on when the going got tough.  Whenever I found a quote that had special meaning for me, I put it in one of my journals, and I created different journals for different situations.  Whenever I need a pick-me-up, those wise people and their quotations are there for me.

In an office setting, my quotes were under the glass top on my desk. They helped me keep striving to reach my goals, neutralize negativity from others, reframe obstacles, and deal with difficult people.  Taking a moment to read a few quotes enabled me to create a quiet space in the midst of chaos, a chance to catch my breath, and the feeling that someone wise was reaching out a hand to help me up, encourage me, or pat me on the back.

On the road, my books of quotations helped me feel connected to other people even during long stretches when I was alone.  They gave me encouragement when I had serious responsibilities, and helped me remain attuned to opportunity when I had little control of my actual physical environment in airports, hotels and unfamiliar places.

After a long, tiring day, my quotation books help me relax, reframe, and recharge.  They help me see the good in people, situations and in myself, especially when I didn’t live up to my own (often unrealistic) expectations.  My quotation books have helped me remember that everyone has disappointments and even failures.  They’ve helped me realize that I’m not alone and I don’t have to do everything myself.  They’ve brought out the best in me, and helped me find the best in others.

Why not create your own quotation book and see what a difference it can make to “put in a good word” for yourself?


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