Are You Ready to Open the Door to Your Dreams?

Dreaming is wonderful, but to make dreams into reality it requires work and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone.  If you are ready for change, ask yourself: what do I want, and how much do I want it?

Am I willing to really test myself and feel uncertain as I work toward achieving my goals?  Can I step away from the security of what is certain in order to claim the rewards of what is now still just a dream?  Am I ready to stretch, learn new skills, and grow as a person to make my dreams come true?

Change is magical, but it doesn’t happen by magic.  Hard work, preparation, uncertainty and a willingness to risk all play a part in making dreams come true.  If you’re ready to explore your possibilities and live up to your personal full potential, realize that the road to success will require commitment, perseverance and confidence, even when progress seems elusive.  Once you accept and embrace change as a necessary part of making your dreams a reality, you have taken the first step toward success.

Many people like to think about making their dreams come true, but shy away from making the changes necessary for success.  Maybe they prefer what is safe and “known” to the uncertainty of taking a risk.  Perhaps they still hear negative voices from their childhood that were critical or toxic, voices that made them feel like they don’t deserve success.  Or maybe they don’t see a way to achieve their dreams and still meet all their other obligations.  Realize that the people who have succeeded in achieving their dreams found ways to overcome all of these obstacles—and you can overcome your closed doors too.

Change-seekers and dreamers often fall into three broad categories: Rockets, Hidden Gems and Dark Horses.

“Rockets” are motivated and energetic, with a strong internal compulsion driving them toward change and a clear idea of where they want their dreams to take them.  They’re open to input, and willing to seek guidance and to learn new skills, creating a team of helpers to make their dream a reality.  Most “Rockets” have already worked through old hurts and negative mental images to gain self confidence and a strong sense of identity.  They embrace change and love to stretch beyond what’s comfortable, enjoying challenges and taking uncertainty in stride.

“Hidden Gems” have determination but are a little less sure of themselves than Rockets.  Perhaps they haven’t been thinking about how to achieve their dreams for quite as long, or maybe they haven’t quite finished working through old negative thoughts that are holding them back.  Sometimes, the “Hidden Gems” still need to get clarity on the goals needed to achieve their dreams.  Often, “Hidden Gems” haven’t yet learned to trust their instincts.  They’re not quite as ready to tackle dream-building as the Rockets, but once they get their homework done, watch out!  These quiet “Hidden Gems” have the determination to do what it takes.

“Dark Horses” have the ability to come from behind and cross the finish line.  “Dark Horses” are hard workers and big dreamers, but they have more internal and external obstacles to overcome than the Rockets and Hidden Gems.  They may have challenging life situations that create difficult obstacles to success.  Issues from the past may keep getting in the way until the Dark Horse gets the help needed to lay those negative influences to rest.  While the Dark Horses may have a harder road to travel, they are absolutely able to make their dreams come true, just like the Hidden Gems and the Rockets.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions?  If so, perhaps you’ve gained an insight into what it will take for you to open the door for your personal and professional success.  No matter which description fits you, remember that those who make their dreams come true have the courage to believe in themselves no matter what.

Take the first step today to open the door to make your dreams a reality!



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